Part of the essential attraction of travel is food.Certainly, many people choose a travel destination from a desire to eat particular foods.Kumamoto is full of ingredients created with love and care by producers from all the natural blessings of Kumamoto.

The chefs of Kumamoto, who have fallen in love with the local ingredients, have created premium courses to bring out their absolute best. Here, we introduce new ways to enjoy food and travel in Kumamoto.

In Shinyashiki, a historic residential area of lush foliage in central Kumamoto City, chef Kenshin Miyamoto, winner of the Ryori Masters Silver Award, grills beef slowly over natural flames fueled by wood and charcoal.

Since his childhood years, Chef Miyamoto grew up with a close relationship to food—his great-grandfather owned a butcher shop, his grandfather was a chef at a traditional ryokan inn, and his father was an Italian chef. He moved to Italy at the age of 19 and trained under famous chefs to improve his skills. After returning to Japan at the age of 27, he worked at his parents’ Italian restaurant, and at the age of 31, he opened his own restaurant, Ristorante Miyamoto.

For this chef, who has taken a leading role in Kumamoto’s food and beverage industry, his focus of his activities are the grasslands of Aso and Akaushi Beef.

The Aso area, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kumamoto, has a dynamic natural environment centered on one of the world’s largest volcanic calderas. The caldera is surrounded by vast grasslands maintained by human activity through a cycle of burning, grazing, and harvesting said to have endured for more than a , also known as Akaushi Beef, is vital to maintain the grasslands of Aso.

Akaushi Beef is characterized by delicious red meat and a good balance of fat, as well as healthy taurine content. Although Japanese black beef remains very popular, Akaushi Beef appeals because it offers a different flavor. Chef Miyamoto cherishes the entire history and background of Aso, where Akaushi Beef is raised, and he was instrumental in Aso’s registration as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.

After the beef is grilled——you encounter Akaushi Beef that simply overflows with flavor as you bite into it. Even the vegetables that accompany the meat are as fresh as the star of the show, with a hint of rich sweetness. Chef Miyamoto’s premium courses are packed with clever efforts that will make you want to visit Aso.

After closing Ristorante Miyamoto, which was a beloved restaurant for many years, Chef Miyamoto opened a new restaurant in Shinyashiki, antica locanda Miyamoto. Chef Miyamoto’s restaurant makes full use of the natural bounty of Kumamoto, such as cedar from Ashikita and stone from Misato, and you are encouraged to enjoy his premium courses so evocative of the Aso region.