A place to inspire travelers

In Kumamoto, there is a volcano.
The pride and joy of Kumamoto,
the noble volcanic caldera named Aso.

In Kumamoto, there are rivers and sea.
Aso bestows these with life,
the rivers and the sea of Kumamoto.

Kumamoto is the gift of Aso.
In Kumamoto's people and culture burns a passion,
fierce as the flames of Aso.

An unbroken nature and a bottomless culture.
The origin of a powerful force that inspires and stimulates.

This is the inherent strength of Kumamoto,
a boundless value that waits for you here.

One visit to Kumamoto,
the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fired up and get ready!





1 h 40 min by plane from Tokyo. 1 h 05 min by plane from Osaka. You can travel by shinkansen, 3 hours from Kyoto/Osaka. 1 h 35 min from Hiroshima.


Kumamoto is one of the major Prefectures in the southwest part of Japan known as Kyushu. Amongst its splendors is the breath-taking volcanic caldera Aso, one of the most beautiful castles in Japan named Kumamoto castle, the great dolphin habitat Amakusa facing the South China Sea, the WTO designated production area for the distilled rice liquor Kuma Jouchu and many other versatile and stimulating places found nowhere else in Japan.